Acoustic Space: ITS Elevator


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Location. This recording was taken inside the elevator of the ITS building across from Edmunds Hall , Pomona College.

Description of the Space. To the left of the fronts doors of the ITS building is the elevator. The is an enclosed cubic space the could fit approximately 2-3 people. The walls facing those who would stand in the were metallic, but once the elevator doors closed there be no opening for the sound to escape. The floor was not metallic, it was actually tiles that were plastic in texture.

Recording Setup. The TASCAM DR-40 sound recorder was held ~3-4 feet off of the ground with its mics (covered by a windscreen) facing the balloon ~5-6 feet away (the balloon was held in one corner of the elevator diagonally from the recorder which was in the opposite corner).

Reverberation Time.

Max Intensity: ~74.82 dB

30 dB drop: 0.21 seconds

50 dB drop: ~0.55 seconds

60 dB drop: 1.024 seconds

Minimum Intensity: ~12.98 dB @ ~2.31 seconds

Back to ambient: ~12.5 dB @ 1.34 seconds

Acoustic Description. The space’s facing walls are all metallic and enclosing not allowing for much sound to escape the elevator with only a change in texture present on the floor. As a result of the enclosing metallic walls of the elevator, there was not much reverb to be heard which is why we are provided with a clapping/popping sound of the balloon. This also visible in the spectrogram.