The Cube at Claremont McKenna College

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The Living Room, commonly referred to as “The Cube” is a silent study space on Claremont McKenna’s campus. The room has tile floors and is surrounded by glass walls and floats on a Mesabi black granite reflecting pool in the middle of the Kravis Center. The Cube is filled with comfortable armchairs and couches for students to do work in.

Recording Setup: The microphone and balloon were both held about five feet off of the ground in the center of the Cube, while no other students were in there (as not to disturb the silent study space). The balloon was popped about four feet away from the microphone.

Acoustic Description: The resonance of the space is likely attributed to the enclosed tile floor and glass walls. The balloon pop showed a 20dB decay after .6 seconds and a 40dB decay after 2.8 seconds.

Reverberation Time:

30 dB decay: 0.6 seconds
minimum: 2.8 seconds

Erin Burke and Kat Burgstahler