Balloon pop at Bridges Hall of Music (“Little Bridges”, Pomona College, Claremont Ca.


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Little Bridges Balloon Pop

Location. 150 E. 4th Street, Claremont, CA 91711
Concert Information: 909-607-2671

Recording setup. Hold 17″ Diameter Balloon 3 feet above the stage floor, 10 feet from the front edge of stage. Recorder set 6 center 6 rows from stage center

Recording Device used. ZOOM H2N Record settings: Central Mic – ON

Reverberation Times. Drop to 30dB .89 seconds, Drop to 50dB 2.14 seconds, Drop to 60dB Did not drop to 60dB, Seconds to reach minimum 1.54 seconds, Seconds to return to Pre Pop 2.3 seconds

Audacity Acoustic description. The Spectrogram reveals frequencies peaking a 7000 Hz and decreases over 1.5 seconds to 1000 Hz.

Overall, the spectrogram shows the a long duration of reverberation over the whole audible hearing range,