Pomona College: Hahn Hall Entrance

Description: This recording was taken at 11:22PM on Sunday, September 30th, 2021 at the entrance to Hahn Hall behind Carnegie Hall. This location is located at Hahn, 420 Harvard Ave N, Claremont, CA 91711.

Recording Setup:  The TASCAM DR-40 Sound Recorder was propped up on the floor with a tripod facing east towards the entrance of Hahn Hall.

Acoustics: The sound of crickets chirping during the night is the most dominate sound in this soundscape. There were no students around, but the second floor of Hahn Hall still had it’s lights on. This allowed the microphone to pick up a car in the distant background and, more importantly, the water fountain at the Stanley Academic Quadrangle. In this recording, you will be able to hear the sloshing of water underneath the dominate sounds of cricket chirps. Around 21 seconds into the recording, you will also be able to hear a singular bird chirp. These sound marks are more audible to the right earbud because they occurred north of the microphone, or directly to the right. Since this recording was done at night, the sounds picked-up may not be representative of what you may hear during the day. For example, the splashing of the water fountain about a block away from the recording location may not have been audible when students are walking to class or towards the Claremont Village. Furthermore, there is a parking lot nearby that would have generated much more noise as cars go in and out.