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Reverberant Spaces: Frary Dining Hall


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Location: Frary Dining Hall. Frary Dining hall is located on north campus of Pomona College (Claremont, CA). Because this recording was taken at approximately midnight on a Sunday (after Snack), the space was completely empty of people except for a worker and a friend who sat silently nearby.

Description of the space: Frary dining hall is an enclosed eating space with cathedral-like high ceilings. The floor is tiled and the seating arrangements follow no specific order. The majority of the furniture is composed of wood. There is a separate space where students are able to get food as well as dispose of their dishes. There are also two separate private dining locations within this space. For this recording, the main doors to the dining hall were closed including the doors that lead to the food area.

Recording setup. For this recording, the microphone was placed on top of a round table while the 18” diameter balloon was popped about three feet away. The recording device was TASCAM DR-40 Linear PCM Recorder. 

Reverberation Times:

  • Maximum Intensity: 92.25 dB
  • Minimum Intensity: 41.24 dB
  • 30dB drop after 0.743 s
  • 50dB drop after 2.77 s
  • Reached minimum intensity after 3.32 s
  • Reached maximum intensity after 0.05 s
  • Returned to pre-pop intensity level after  3.56 s

Frary Intensity

Frary Dining Hall Balloon Pop Spectrograph