Soundscapes: Weight Room at the Rains Center, Pomona College


Pomona-Rains Center-Weight Room

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Location: Weight Room at the Rains Center, Pomona College.

The Rains Center is near East 6th Street and Smiley Dorm. It is a center for sports and other physical activities. The weight room contains many weight machines and free weights.

Recording Setup. The TASCAM DR-40 Linear PCM Recorder was placed on a table near the entrance of the weight room.

About the soundscape. The recording was made at 5:30 p.m. on Monday. It was fairly busy with 1 person using the squat rack, 2 people using the bench press bars, about 6 people using the machines, and 4 people using dumbbells. Music from the radio is very prevalent in the recording along with conversation about weight lifting from a pair of people. There are many sounds of weights being put down or slid around. The soundmark of this soundscape are the metallic sounds of the weights shifting. The keynote could be the voices of people talking to each other about their workout routines. The sound of the weights and bars, the content of the conversations, and loud music could be considered characteristics of the archetype of typical weight rooms.