Ambient recording near Pitzer admissions office


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The soundscape recording was made at Pitzer college in front of the admissions office next to the Mesa parking lot. The ZOOM H2N recorder was placed on a low rock wall.

About the soundscape.

Keynotes: Keynote sounds in this soundscape include that of air ventilation that can be heard in the background throughout the recording, The wheels of small electric vehicles,footsteps of people walking by, A leaf is heard scraping the ground blown by the wind. There are a fair amount of bird sounds and frequent noise of small airplane traffic as the building is near a municipal airport. A car starting and driving by indicates this is near a parking lot.

Soundmarks: The soundmarks do not indicate clearly where this place is. There is an incongruent mix of natural, mechanical, artificial and human sounds in seeming random order.

Signals: The small electrical vehicle activate a beeping sound when they back up and this is a signal that is well known..

Archetypes: The small airplane traffic indicates that this is an area that may contain an airport.