Wilbur Courtyard

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Location: The Wilbur Courtyard is a small outdoor space. It is enclosed by four walls on adjacent sides, but there is no ceiling enclosing the space.

Recording Setup: The microphone and balloon were placed on the concrete floor of the courtyard.

Reverberation Time: 0.1 seconds

Maximum Intensity: 80 dB

Minimum Intensity: 60 dB

Acoustic Description: Unfortunately, the space has little reverberant qualities. I believed the space would be more reverberant due to the enclosing four walls. But it seems like the open ceiling allows the sound to escape and prevents the sound from reverberating against the walls. Additionally, our recording has a lot of wind which made it difficult for Praat to calculate when the pop occurred and when the sound drops. The image above illustrates how a lot of wind disrupts much of the recording and a 30 dB drop doesn’t seem to occur.