Stage in Frary Dining Hall (Pomona College)


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Location: Frary Dining Hall Stage at Pomona College

Description of the space: Frary Dining Hall is the largest dining commons at Pomona College. It is an enclosed building with high ceilings and wooden furniture. There is also a large stage at the west of the building with a three steps leading up to it. The ceiling in this specific stage is a little domed-shapes and a feel ridges. The bottom half of the stage is wooden, and the upper half is painted wood. There is also a fireplace at the center of the stage that is about 8 feet wide and 8 feet tall.

Recording Setup: The balloon and microphone were placed at the same level of about 4 feet high off the stage floor at the center (in front of the fireplace). The balloon pop and microphone were about 3 feet apart from one another.

Reverberation Time:

20 dB decay: 1.4 sec

40 dB decay: 3.06 sec

(via Praat)


Acoustic description:

Cindy Duong & Amanda Martinez