Benton Art Museum, 9/30/21

Recording Setup: This sound was recorded on Thursday, September 30, 2021, at 11:59 PM at the Benton Art Museum. The TASCAM DR-40 microphone was put on the floor in the courtyard of the art museum facing northeast, in the direction of N College Ave. 

Description: There were no students around, just a security guard who was talking on the phone. The security guard was walking around, so their voice drifts in and out of the recording. A few shouts from students can be heard from afar. At this time of night, there were many crickets chirping, which can be heard very clearly and consistently throughout the recording. A car driving along College Avenue could be heard driving by at a relatively slow speed, as indicated by the gradually increasing sound of the car approaching and the gradually decreasing sound as the car passes by. An ambulance can also be heard in the background. The wind can also be heard faintly, which drifts in and out of the recording. A beeping sound was chimed when it was 12 AM. Because this recording was made very late at night, it would be very different compared to if it was made during the day, or if it was made on a Friday/Saturday night, where more students would be out and about along the dorms on the other side of Bonita Ave. Since most crickets only chirp at night, this sound is also unique to this recording which was made close to midnight. Surprisingly, there were more cars than we expected to be driving at this time.