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Wig Lounge – Balloon Pop


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Wig Lounge

I was in Wig Lounge early in the morning. It was very quiet. The lounge is very peaceful; the ceiling is about normal height, maybe a bit lower. Carpeted floors, a lot of chairs, and few windows. I stood with the balloon about 3 feet from the microphone, which was sitting on the table.

Reverberation time: .0658741 seconds
30 dB decay:  0.384 seconds
50 dB decay:  1.194666 seconds
60 dB decay:  N/A
decay to background level: 1.205333 seconds
Reverb Pomona Wig Lounge GraphsReverb Pomona Wig Lounge Spectrograph

Soundscape – Pomona-Pitzer vs. CMS Basketball Game



Location – Rains Center at Pomona College


IMAG0723 IMAG0722 IMAG0724

It was the Pomona-Pitzer vs. CMS Mens’ Basketball game. The stands were full of fans. One side of the room had all the college students cheering for their team, and the other side had mostly parents, teachers, some students, and children. The men were playing on the court, the basketball pounding on the floor, and reps blowing their whistles and making calls. When a basket was scored or the ref made a favorable call, the crowds went wild. I stood near the western entrance to the gym inside the building. For part of the time, I held the recording device in my hands while watching the game. Later on, I sat on the bleachers and set up the microphone right by me on the bleacher level in front of me.

Keynotes: various voices, shoes against the floor

Soundmarks: heightened cheers, applause

Signals: whistles, announcer, chanting

Archytypes: cheers