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OUTBACK at Pitzer


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The OUTBACK at Pitzer, Saturday, 9 February 2013, 9:30a.m.

Location.  Pitzer College OUTBACK natural field area north of the New Dorms on Pitzer Campus at the southwest corner of Foothill (US Route 66) and Claremont Blvd. in Claremont, Ca. 91711

Pitzer OUTBACKMuch of Mother Nature can be heard here.

Recording Setup: On a sunny Saturday morning at 9:30a.m. Set Recorder vertically on a rock in the middle of the field.

Recording device used:  Olympus DM-620
Record Settings:  Central Mic – ON (3 Mics operational) !!, Sensitivity – Medium, Mode: WAV 44100 bps  16 bit,  Level – Manual,  Zoom: OFF,  Lo Cut – OFF,  Volume Level – 15  (1-16 max)

Keynotes are the Wind and Traffic which comes and goes throughout the recording.

Soundmarks include Crows, Quail, Birds and Squirrels in the field.

Archetypes heard are the Traffic that signifies a Highway nearby

This natural wild area should be preserved for the students to enjoy.


Acoustic Space: Garrison Theater Stage



reverb-scripps-garrison-S&I PNGreverb-scripps-garrison-spectrogram PNGreverb-scripps-garrison-diagram

Location. Garrison Theater on the Scripps Campus at 10th St. and Dartmouth Ave. in Claremont, Ca. 91711

Description of the space. This newly renovated Theater has had many new changes to the interior and exterior of the building.

Recording setup. Hold 17″ Diameter Balloon 3 feet above the stage floor, 10 feet from the front edge of stage. Set Recorder vertically (with insulation) on front edge of stage 10 feet from balloon.

Recording Device used. Olympus DM-620   Record settings: Central Mic – ON  (3 Mics operational) !!,  Sensitivity – LOW,  Mode – WAV 44100 bps 16 bit,  Level – Manual,  Zoom – OFF,  Low Cut – OFF,  Volume Level – 8  (1-16 max)

Praat Findings. Balloon Pop Maximum intensity level   92.67dB,  Minimum intensity level  42.07dB

Reverberation Times.  Drop to 30dB   .89 seconds,  Drop to 50dB  2.14 seconds,  Drop to 60dB  Did not drop to 60dB,  Seconds to reach minimum  1.54 seconds,  Seconds to return to Pre Pop  2.3 seconds

Audacity Acoustic description. The Spectrogram reveals frequencies peaking a 3000 Hz and lasting for almost 2 seconds. It was also strong between 100 and 600Hz range. Background frequencies were 600Hz and below.

Overall, the spectrogram shows the Balloon explosion was absorbed and dampened very quickly over the Audible Hearing Range, which would be the acoustic goal of a well designed Theater.