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Soundscape: Peter W. Stanley Quadrangle

Pomona College -Peter W. Stanley Quadrangle -


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Location: This recording was done right next to the fountain in the Peter W. Stanley Quadrangle. 

Recording Setup: (Recording device: TASCAM-40). Recording was done done right next to the fountain in the Peter W. Stanley Quadrangle. 

Description: The quad is a open space, with multiple entrances. The quad is also flanked by three academic buildings. The quad acts as a garden and courtyard space between these three academic buildings. In the recording, which was done in the afternoon, records the fountain, the centerpiece of the quad. The most relevant part of the recording is the constant running of the water.

Reverberant Space: Bridges Hall of Music


reverb-Pomona-Little Bridges -Front Stage

Location: Bridges Hall of Music

Description: An 18” balloon was popped and recorded using a TASCAM DR-40 sound recorder. I stood in the center of the the stage at Little Bridges  and popped the balloon while Profesor Cramer recorded the event with the microphone about 3 feet from the balloon and pointed in its direction.

Reverberation time

30 dB decay: 0.3s

60 dB decay: 1.7s


Soundscape: The Wash

Pomona College -The Wash -

Location: The recording was done right next to the entry of the Pomona College Farm on Amherst Street.

Recording: TASCAM recorder

Soundscape: That afternoon, it was a clear, sunny day. In the background, there are automobiles passing by. There are also birds chirping in the tress and the wind is blowing. Also, if you listen closely, there are chickens clucking in the distant background. Since the recording took place near the outskirts of campus, there is no dialogue.