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Reverberant Spaces: Patio at Larkin Park


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Location: This recording was taken on the patio of the building at Larkin Park at Cambridge and Harrison.

Description of the Space:On the North side of the intersection of Cambridge Ave. and Harrison Ave. is a small park. There is a building with a south facing glass wall with a patio and shelter in front of it. The recording was take near the center of the concrete patio that extends the length of the building (~100ft), protruding about 5ft. The wall facing the patio is almost completely made out of glass with some brick, and faces an enclosed rectangular field and parking lot. The recording was taken around 8am.

Recording Setup: The microphone was raised about 4ft from the ground, and the the balloon was popped about 5ft away, using a Tascam DR-40.

Reverberation time

Max intensity: 81.47 dB

30 dB drop: 0.18 seconds

50 dB drop: 0.59 seconds

Minimum intensity: 21.12 dB @ 2.0 seconds

Back to ambient: ~21 dB @ 2.0 seconds

Acoustic Description: The space’s only facing walls are the cement ground and wooden ceiling, not giving the sound much to reverberate off of. But, because of the hard surfaces, a slapping echo is heard once (it is also visible in the spectrograph). The grassy field that the space faces is surrounded by stone walls, which would make sense as having been what caused the echo.



Soundscape: Cambridge Ave. and Bonita Ave.




Location: The intersection is a stoplight a block outside of the main village. There are homes on the north side of Bonita, apartments on the south. There is a bus stop on the northwest corner, and an audible cross walk speaker on every corner telling the crosser when the button has been pressed and when it is safe to cross which direction. Though not present in the recording, there is a train crossing a block down Cambridge, which is very audible from the intersection. A block east on Bonita are the fore and police stations, so sirens often pass.


  • Wind
  • Birds
  • Cars


  • Cross walk audio
  • Bus


  •  Cross walk audio