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Soundscape Beside Pool at Pitzer


RecPitzer-Pool-mid-March, morning

bgmp 2312

Location and Recording description:

Recorded on a clear yet windy morning, by the gated pool area on Pitzer campus. It was relatively early and it seemed not too many people were out. The open space was framed by dorms, tables, and the gate. I assumed the water would affect the sound quality, and it did seem to thicken the audio somehow. I also wonder if wind played a role in distributing sound? Overall, a somewhat pleasant atmosphere.

Balloon pop – GSC


reverb-Pitzer-Gold Center


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Location and recording description:

This version of the balloon pop took place at the Gold Center on Pitzer campus. It was an oblong, medium-sized room which surprisingly was pretty reverberant. It was also on the second floor, so other noises seemed less present in the recording. The balloon was placed 2-3 feet away from the recorder. The decay as shown by the graph seems relatively steady to me, although while recording it did not; it’s possible the initial noise seemed to detract from the overall progression of audio.

Outside McConnell

Pitzer-Outside McConnell-Friday morning

Recording and location description:

This was recorded at Pitzer, during a leisurely time on campus after many students had left for spring break. One can hear birds perhaps most prominently, and I am a bit curious as to what kind they are? At first when listening, I assumed wind had interfered with the clarity of the audio recording, but remembered I was outside a dining hall and the distant hum of mechanical systems may be a more accurate schematic representation. This area of Pitzer is rather open yet other buildings are often in surrounding sight. So, proximity may have added to audibility while diminishing more slowly-building types of reverberation.