Reverb – My car – cadillac ats – backseat

reverb- my car - cadillac ats - backseat - spectogram


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Space Description: My car is a mid-size sedan. It is a very small acoustic space that is enclosed very tightly. The seats are leather with a seating capacity of 5. The overall length is 182 inches and the width is 71 inches. The height is 56 inches. Car is made of steel, copper, aluminum, and copper body panels with plastic and rubber interiors. Also there are glass windows on the car.

Recording setup: I placed the TASCAM DR-40 Linear PCM on the front dashboard of my car, standing vertically. The balloon was placed in the backseat of my car.

Reverberation time:

Max: >100 dB

-30 dB: .07 seconds

-60 dB: .2 seconds

Minimum: 18.5dB after .5 seconds

Acoustic Description: The sound of the balloon pop did not linger very long. There was the initial pop, which was very intense due to the small enclosure of the car, and then a rapid decline in decibels followed by a brief echo and then leading to another fast decline in decibels. The physical space of my car was not susceptible to a lot of reverb as the sound died within the car pretty fast. There was one initial loud echo and then the sound died. The outline of the acoustic space is very jagged and asymmetrical with seats, dashboards, and other items jutting out here and there. This probably was a factor for the rapid resonance decrease.