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Reverb – My car – cadillac ats – backseat

reverb- my car - cadillac ats - backseat - spectogram


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cadillac ats photo

Space Description: My car is a mid-size sedan. It is a very small acoustic space that is enclosed very tightly. The seats are leather with a seating capacity of 5. The overall length is 182 inches and the width is 71 inches. The height is 56 inches. Car is made of steel, copper, aluminum, and copper body panels with plastic and rubber interiors. Also there are glass windows on the car.

Recording setup: I placed the TASCAM DR-40 Linear PCM on the front dashboard of my car, standing vertically. The balloon was placed in the backseat of my car.

Reverberation time:

Max: >100 dB

-30 dB: .07 seconds

-60 dB: .2 seconds

Minimum: 18.5dB after .5 seconds

Acoustic Description: The sound of the balloon pop did not linger very long. There was the initial pop, which was very intense due to the small enclosure of the car, and then a rapid decline in decibels followed by a brief echo and then leading to another fast decline in decibels. The physical space of my car was not susceptible to a lot of reverb as the sound died within the car pretty fast. There was one initial loud echo and then the sound died. The outline of the acoustic space is very jagged and asymmetrical with seats, dashboards, and other items jutting out here and there. This probably was a factor for the rapid resonance decrease.

Yogurtland in the Village 10:00 PM

Yogurtland-Village-Feb 17



yogurtland interior

Location: Yogurtland is a self-serve yogurt store in the Claremont Village. It is an asymmetrically shaped room. For this recording, the microphone was rested on one of the tables that I was sitting at in the middle of the room. The recording was made at the end of the night when Yogurtland was starting to close.

Soundscape: At the time of the recording there were about 4 other people in the store plus 2 Yogurtland employees. Yogurtland is a prominent yogurt store in Claremont and one of the only stores open late at night. In the soundscape you can hear lots of different noises during all times of the recording, with a constant noise level that has few surprises. In the background there are speakers playing soft music to set the ambiance. You can hear people talking and laughing as they eat yogurt. The sound of the door opening and closing as people come in and out of the store can also be heard. There’s the sound of metal chairs screeching against the floor as people get up and sit down. Because I was in the store late at night there were some sounds that are unique to a store closing. There were sounds of trash cans being wheeled around. The sounds of a sweeper and mop are in the soundscape because of workers cleaning the building as they prepare to shut down. Overall, the ambiance is light and friendly, as is expected of a yogurt store. There were some unique sounds I captured due to the store closing. This particular soundscape is important to my Claremont life because I eat yogurt here all the time. Also, Yogurtland is in the village, which practically makes it an extension of the Claremont Colleges due to its close proximity.

The Hub CMC 12:30 PM

CMC-The hub-Feb 18



the hub cmc

Location: The hub at CMC. I was sitting outdoors on the patio eating some food on a table. The recorder was standing on the table. Behind me was a series of glass window panes and doors that served as the walls of the inside of the hub. I was surrounded by other tables and in front of the patio is a big walkway and fountain.

Soundscape: At the time of the recording the Hub was busy with lots of students eating and talking. You can hear the chatter and conversing of students all around. The area is bustling with student activity. You can also hear the fountain, which is a soundmark of the area. Metal chairs banging and screeching across the floor along with footsteps and clapping make up the majority of the rest of the soundscape.