Reverb – Drinkward Recital Hall, Harvey Mudd

reverb-Harvey Mudd-Shanahan Building-Drinkward Recital Hall


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Drinkward Recital Hall, Harvey Mudd College

Description of Space:

The recital hall can hold an audience of 100 people. The walls of the recital hall are padded well to make the hall an intentionally reverberant space. The ceiling is about 50 feet high. The floors and walls have a wooden finish.

Recording Setup:

The recording was made with the TASCAM DR-40 Sound Recorder placed on a tripod on the podium in the recital hall. The balloon was popped about 5 feet away from the recorder, in the center of the stage.

Reverberation time:

30 dB decay 0.5 second

50 dB decay: 1.1 second

Decay to Background Level: 1.5 second

Minimum: 1.6 second

Acoustic Description:

The walls of the hall were padded, which resulted in a relatively lower amount of resonance. However, the pop sound itself is very clear. The sound did not take too long to die down, and there wasn’t much echo.