Green Beach on a Saturday Afternoon

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I recorded the soundscape on Parents Field right below Green Beach on a Saturday afternoon, specifically on December 8th starting at 2:45pm.

This area lies right outside of Green Hall, one of the dorms on Claremont McKenna’s campus. As a resident of this dorm, Green Beach lies right outside of my window, so I am extremely familiar with this soundscape. For this recording, I set up the TASCAM recorder at the edge of Green Beach so it could pick up sounds from both students relaxing in the grass and students playing soccer down the field.

The most prominent sounds in this recording emirate from the students playing soccer down the field. The keynotes of this recording would be the low murmur of the students talking to each other as they’re playing soccer, as well as the music being played in the background. While the music sounds faint in the recording, from the position of the recorder it could be heard fairly loudly to the human ear. One sound signal that occurs in the recording several times is the soccer ball being kicked aggressively towards the goal. Another sound that occurs multiple times is the various exclamations from the soccer players. These sounds are another signal of something exciting happening within their game. Because of my experience with living in this dorm, I would consider the music playing in the background to be a sound mark. Most of the students who live on Green Beach listen strictly to electronic dance music (EDM), so most of the music that plays in this area falls under that genre.

The day this recording was taken, humidity was high and this affected the quality of the sound in the recording. I processed the recording using notch filters and noise reduction in Audacity.