Pendleton Dance Studio, Pomona College

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Center of the dance floor in Pendleton Dance Studio, Pomona College, Claremont, CA.

Description of the space:
The Pendleton Dance Studio is large and open with a high pointed ceiling, and the walls block out sound from the outside. One wall is completely covered in mirrors, one wall is covered in windows showing to the pool outside, and the floors are made of wood.

Recording setup:
The microphone and balloon were held at the center of the dance floor, about three feet apart.

Reverberation Time:
30 dB decay: 0.5s
60 dB decay: doesn’t reach
decay to background level:
minimum: 1.9s
(Analyzed using intensity graph function in Praat)

Acoustic description:
Sound in this space quickly drops and is deadened by the same thick walls that keep out sound. Sound drops 30db in 0.5s, almost as quickly as it arrived, and it continues to drop as quickly until it is at the level of its usual background noise. This keeps echo and residual hum to a minimum, probably an intentional move by the designer of the space, since overlapping sounds of dancers moving across the floor would detract from the more visual qualities of it.