Acoustic Space: Case Courtyard 6:30 PM


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Location: Case Dorm courtyard, Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA

Description of the space: The courtyard is a lowered area in the center of the building that forms the dorm. The dorm building is two stories tall and forms a shape resembling the letter C. The building material seems to be some sort of pink brick. The courtyard has two main levels, with some wooden tables on each of the levels. The upper level is at the same level as the base of the building. The second level is 6 steps below the level of building.

Recording setup: The balloon was popped 5 feet above the lower level of the courtyard. The recorder was placed on a table 3 feet away from the balloon.

Reverberation time:

Max intensity: 75.25 dB

30 dB drop: 45.25 dB @ 0.2 seconds

50 dB drop: 25.27 dB @ 0.75 seconds

Minimum intensity: 20.10 dB @ 2.3 seconds

Back to ambient: 24 dB @ 1 second

Acoustic Description: There does not seem to be any interesting acoustic qualities in this space. I think the main reason for this is due to there being no roof overhead. The courtyard is surrounded by walls except for one pathway that leads into the courtyard. If there was a roof, a lot of the sound would be reflected around the courtyard multiple times before dying down in intensity or escaping through the pathway.