Haldeman Pool 2/29/20



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Location: Haldeman Pool 2/29/20 8:00 am

Recording setup: The TASCAM recorder was set up on the south end of the pool deck, near the entrance, pointing towards the pool.

About this soundscape:
This recording was taken at Haldeman pool before the varsity team’s morning swim practice. The swimmers arrived and took the pool covers off the pool. The pool is surrounded by concrete walls, so the noises inside the pool reverberate.The door to the locker room can be heard opening and closing multiple times throughout the recording. The swim coach can be heard talking to swimmers as they walk on deck. There is a rumbling sound coming from water rushing through the gutter of the pool. There are footsteps sliding across the deck as the swimmers move to take off the pool covers. Metallic clicking sounds come from the pool cover crank being dropped and kicked by one of the swimmers. The reel for the covers makes a loud metallic rumble as it rolls across the pool deck. Morning doves call out as this happens. The key sound is the rumble coming from the water rushing in the gutter of the pool. When no one is in the pool, this sound is especially audible. The archetypical sounds from this recording are of the pool reels being moved around because every swimmer knows these sounds well as they prepare to get into the pool. The voice of the coach greeting the swimmers acts as a signal because they are about to begin practice.